Sun Sinking West

Well friends, It’s been one hell of a run, but we’ve decided to call it quits. Life’s just pulling us in all different directions. Some of us are getting hitched, some having a baby, some moving on to other musical chapters. We would like to thank each and every one of you who’ve supported Tin Star …

Dead Man’s Suit

by Tin Star Orphans
edited by Zach

I came to in a cedar box
In a dead man’s suit, on a bed of rocks
O, this ain’t my day
The fat old officer who stole my clothes
Is just a wooden puppet with a growing nose
O, his time will come
I came to this town of freaks
With a ten dollar pistol and a losing streak
O, will it ever cease
Sisters on a blistered photograph
Tucked in my breast with a bitter laugh
O, the curse is strong, son
Dug my way to freedom with a butter knife
Then fashioned me a sling from a broken kite
O, this is going to sting
The time has come for this forsaken man
To take back whats been taken
O, payback’s a bitch
When all is said and done
When the kids have had their fun
Just wait until it’s my turn
Light a match
Watch it burn

All footage adapted from materials courtesy of Internet Archive.


Here’s a video of Steve and I’s performance at Cabin Fever Collective (1669 Bloor Street West) on June 6th, 2014. Cabin Fever’s a really cool cafe/record store that i’m kind of in love with. I played there first with Dean for #RSD2014 and it was a pretty magical experience. This show though, this one took the cake. Steve and I had an amazing time. It was also broadcast live over the interweb by the awesome folks over at I will DEFINITELY be playing shows through them again.

Thanks to everyone who came in person or chuned in via their computron. look out for the steady sunset in the bg, as well as for a few cameos from my dog, Chawlie.



We are so pleased to announce that our Kickstarter campaign to press Tin Star Orphans on double vinyl was a SUCCESS!! Thank you to all those who backed us with your donations, those who shared our campaign, those who personally emailed (among other TSO-related harassments) their contacts, made fan art, reviewed and promoted us through …